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Jun 20, 2018

In this episode, we talk about Financial Planning, and not just about the nerdy math parts of it, but what really matters to people are growing their careers, their families, and their wealth in the current world. Emily breaks down the components of managing money, including the emotions and varied personal goals that are attached to financial management.

Emily has a diverse background that spans management consulting, technology, the creative/digital industry to the world of finance, economics and global markets. Emily is currently a partner and financial advisor in the Drosner Phillips Group; a wealth management team serving high net worth and high net worth tracked clients at Baird, based in Milwaukee. In addition to running a practice, she helps recruit talent, mentor next generation associates and is actively involved in the Diversity and Inclusion initiative at the firm. Emily serves as the Treasurer for the Executive Women’s Golf Association board of directors, Director at Large for NEWaukee’s board of Directors and is President-elect on the Board for Professional Dimensions. Which is all evidence of her commitment to making Milwaukee an incredible place to live, work and play. Emily is a 2017 Milwaukee Business Journal 40 under 40 award recipient, a 2016 UWMilwaukee TEDx speaker, and a proud UW-Milwaukee Alum.

Themes explored in this week’s episode:
* Strategies for knowing when to save or spend
* Common mistakes people make financially as they are growing their careers, families, or wealth
* Myths and truths about women investors and risk tolerance
* Socially responsible investing
* Sifting through all of the “noise” to hire good advisors and make quality investments
* #WD4G: Emily’s ideas about “World Domination For Good”