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Jan 16, 2018

The holidays can be a really tough time for people for a number of reasons. Typical complaints revolve around specific relatives or family dynamics, too much travel, financial stress, pressure from work to hit annual goals. With so many podcasts and blogs devoted to “surviving the holiday,” we want to challenge you to think about it differently. How might it feel to own your holidays instead of letting them own you? We will take you through an exercise that will help you have more of what you love this time of year and release what you loathe!

Themes explored in this week’s episode:
• Why the holidays can be tough
• Personal stories of holidays past and present
• Shedding your holiday inheritance
• Spending the holidays alone and how you may be robbing others of joy
• Leaning into other people’s traditions
• Addressing the joy sabotager of too many holiday activities
• How to create new traditions
• Exploring what you love about the holidays and how to have more of that
• Identifying what you loathe about the holidays and how to release it
• Two powerful questions to ponder on your own time

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