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Feb 7, 2018

We each have a unique set of personal values that color the way we view the world and our relationships. Many of us are walking around in the world unaware of which values we ascribe to as we haven’t sat down to identify them by name. While that is perfectly okay, getting clear on your core values makes your life (and arguably the lives of the people around you) easier and more enjoyable.

Regardless of what your top values are, coming to understand exactly which are most important to you helps you better navigate your career and personal life.  When we are out of alignment with our values we can feel it in our hearts, minds and bodies. When we are in alignment, we are happy, healthy and serving a higher purpose in the world.

Themes explored in this week’s episode:

  • What exactly are personal values?
  • Why knowing your values is important.
  • Where do our values come from?
  • Why it is important that leaders and people in career transition are in tune with their values.
  • How to figure out your top five personal values.
  • What it feels like when we are in alignment with our values.
  • How to know when we are not in alignment with our personal values.
  • Why Professional coaches often do values assessments with clients.
  • The difference between company values and personal values.
  • Why personal values alignment is important.



  • Email us to get a free copy of a Personal Values Assessment you can do on your own. Really, NO strings attached. We believe in the ripple effect this will create in the world.
  • The first four people to email us get a complimentary coaching session to help them gain “next-level” clarity on what those values mean and how they are (and are not) being honored in their lives
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Two Powerful Questions:

  • Which of your values do you feel most in alignment with and how does that feel?
  • Which of your values do you find yourself most out of alignment with right now, and how do you start to address that?


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