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Mar 21, 2018

Episode 7: Consciousness, with Guest Reverend Lola Wright Show

Welcome to the Life & Leadership Podcast, where we share ideas, real life stories, and inspiration for powerful people to level up. Tegan Trovato and Katie Rasoul are recovering HR executives and professional life & leadership coaches. In each episode, they'll help you tap into your personal power and take your life and career to the 'next level'. Tegan & Katie are committed to helping others discover their inner mission and rise to their highest potential. And they are working on it every day themselves. Are you ready to transform how you lead and live?

Have you ever felt a stirring in your soul? Have you suddenly found yourself unable to fit into the small box that is your life or the dream career you thought you always wanted? Are you feeling startled by what you are seeing on the news and wondering what all the recent events really mean for us and about us? This is your consciousness raising! If you aren’t quite sure what consciousness is, you will after this loving education from Reverend Lola Wright. Lola is a subject matter expert on consciousness. She is the Spiritual Director at Bodhi Spiritual Center, a preeminent mindfulness-based community organization in Chicago (who streams their talks and services live across the world). A wife, mom, coach, speaker, teacher and hip-hop enthusiast, Lola’s fresh and upcoming voice reminds us of our shared humanity.

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